Thank you for purchasing the Tenlog 3D printer. You can download the user manual and software here. They are the same as the files in the SD. We will post the latest files here.

1. Files in SD Card

Files of Hands 2 in SD Card Files of TL-D3 Pro in SD Card Files of TL-D6 in SD Card Files of TL-D3S in SD Card

2. Tenlog DMP 3D Printer Manual

TL-D3 Pro Manual

3. Cura for Tenlog DMP 3D Printer, This software has all built-in Tenlog DMP 3D Printer Setting Parameters

Cura for Tenlog DMP 3D Printer

4. Firmware and UI for Tenlog DMP 3D Printer

Warning from Tenlog 3D

After the upgrade, your motors may reverse
You need to change the wiring order of all reverse motor wires
Choose another connection method that is different from your current wiring order in the picture below
Motor Wiring Order from Tenlog 3D

How to Upgrade?
I. Watch the tutorial video from Tenlog Dual X Carriage 3D Printer Video Center

II. Download and install Tenlog Firmware Burner

III.  Read the form 

Naming Rules.xlsxNaming Rules.xlsx 

IV. Find the file you need and download it to your computer
VStart burning

Tenlog Firmware Burner Tenlog Firmware


1. File type .hex is for motherboard, .tft is for Touch Screen.

2. Select your correct machine model and do not brush the wrong firmware. Brushing in other third-party firmware will void the warranty.
3. File name rules, 

File names with A4988 are used for machines with A4988 Driver. 

File names with TMC2208 are used for machines with TMC2208 Driver.

File names with M are used for machines with Micro Switch.

File names with P are used for machines with Photoelectric Sensors.

4. It is best to check if the MD5 value is the same as ours before upgrading, you can find the checksum in the form 'Naming Rules.xlsx'. You can get a MD5 Checksum Tool here, you can choose your language in its settings.

5. All firmwares are compatible with Tenlog IDEX 3D Printer with or without Power Loss Recovery(PLR).


5. Software and Drivers for Firmware

xloader for Tenlog Drivers for Tenlog IDEX 3D Printer

6. TL-D3 Pro.curaprofile for Windows

Tenlog Cura for Windows

._TL-D3 Pro.curaprofile for MacOS

Tenlog Cura Setting for MacOS

7. Pictures of Cura's Parameters for Tenlog DMP 3D Printer

Pictures of Cura's Parameters

8. Simplify 3D .FFF for Tenlog DMP 3D Printer(Powered by Simon Lernpeiss), try this one first

Simplify 3D .FFF for Tenlog DMP 3D Printer(Powered by Copymaster 3D)

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