New UI and Firmware Support Print from Any Height

  • 2020-01-06 22:22:27

For the newest Firmware and UI, we push a new functions for our Tenlog IDEX 3D Printer, Print from Any Height!

Download here,

How to use?

If any problem happen during printing,

For example, a power outage,

and your printer is an old version, don't support a power loss recovery,

or yours are newest version support power loss recovery and just forget to click OK when power on

and you don't want to waste your filaments,

or something else, maybe just hell

1. Manually measure the height of your model with a ruler (Better to be accurate to your layer thickness)

2. Select this button in your tools in screen

3. Enter the height of the printed object

4. Select the gcode file being printed

5. Wait for the printer to search for the height you entered and continue printing before

We have optimized the search algorithm and the search process will be fast!

Print from Any Height Tenlog DMP 3D Printer

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