New Firmware Update for Tenlog Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer 27th, Nov, 2019

  • 2019-11-27 18:11:36

Bug Fix: When the Fialments Runout, the temperature of the hot bed will not drop.

Downloaded here

It is best to check if the MD5 value is the same as ours before upgrading.

File Name MD5 SHA1 CRC32
Touch_D2P.hex 79AB07C5673C89D8D53C88477A2E31DE 8D780F35CB105D9E76DC84DD1D45843CBE4111F7 6357A3CB
Touch_D2P_PLR.hex AB8361C8E97CE5D07C316717D5AE56EF 9C8FA195B750698B5C9B5BCCD80BFA59208F7628 50DE3351
Touch_D3P.hex 1197A263CA623335A1079F328C339286 FF0EB03BB194279A87F27FDF37599FE4368C83FE D57A6D48
Touch_D3P_PLR.hex D5EE599412DB265CF182C67385F6B232 08375B9BDE91269E817F75EB806E9D2CBC6EDA0C BA677EAD
Touch_D3S.hex 7BFDBB027A9140D8CE1AE15427266F84 759637FCA0EE68CD0DC086ED6587B2120441E2DC 88C9ED34
TENLOG-3.5-Touchscreen.tft D768F291A80260AB4C23056BCEEE8A46 249DF0D8E31A9B91074849995AF567F7026457E8 CD754FA4
TENLOG-4.3-Touchscreen.tft 51DDC581F05374849930E0EB29EAA6A0 882D0015F9AF8520675D93FAF1397B516DAB5109 94D6DE5A

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